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This summer my Husband and I flew to Lake San Antonio. The weather was very hot that day so we decided to go out on our boat. We found a nice place to anchor and started swimming. My husband stated he was feeling a burning in his chest and he had forgotten to take his prescription medication. We headed back towards the dock and my husband was sweating and feeling nauseous. We were almost at the boat slip when my husband passed out and went into full cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. I started CPR. The best advice I got from you was not to panic. The Rangers, Helicopter Flight Nurses and Doctors all told me that had it not been for the initial CPR he would not be here today. I can thank you and your training for that. He is considered a miracle by everyone in the hospital and certainly by us. All I can say is that anyone going through your training will be prepared even in the case of having to save their own family member, and that what you are doing is remarkable (just ask my husband).


Anne Rivera  

I was flying home from a business trip from Phoenix to Burbank.  About 15 minutes from landing, a woman sitting in front of me stood up and started screaming my  baby is choking!

A flight attendant immediately came to her seat and attempted to help the young girl.

I stood up to see what was going on.  What had happened, was the parents gave the girl a slice of bread with salami rolled up inside. The bread had become lodged in the girl’s throat causing her to stop breathing. The flight attendant was pulling the girl forward and was slapping her on her back to try to dislodge the bread.

After watching this for about 30 seconds I told the flight attendant “That’s not working!”

At this point, I grabbed the girl pulled her into the center aisle and started to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her; on the third attempt a large piece of the sandwich came out of her mouth. I then used my finger to sweep the inside of her mouth to make sure there was nothing left in there.

At this point I noticed the little girl was not breathing, I immediately laid her down in the aisle. I started to perform CPR on her following the ABC’s.

Soon after starting the chest compressions, the little girl started coughing. I sat her up in the aisle and held her for a few moments until she stopped coughing. At this point I looked up at the mother and told her she’s going to be okay.

During this time the airplane was making an emergency medical landing at Burbank Airport. As soon as we landed the fire department and paramedics met us.

The paramedics took the girl from the plane and examined her in their ambulance. Soon after, they released the girl to her parents and suggested that they take her to her doctor for a more thorough examination.

The parents thanked me for my service, gave me a hug, and then we left.

Had it not been for the training that I had received from Steve at ABC CPR and Safety, I can’t say what the outcome might have been.


Mark Roberts


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