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Q) How long are your certifications good for?

A) All CPR and First Aid Certifications are good for 2 years.

Q) What are your rates?

A) Our rates vary based on the number of people that are taking the class, however we offer some of the most competitive rates around, with no hidden charges.

Q) Does your program meet guidelines to meet workplace-training requirements?

A) Our program meets CAL-OSHA Guidelines and is Nationally Recognized.

Q) What does the Good Samaritan Law state?

A) No liability for emergency aid unless gross negligence. A person who renders emergency medical services or aid to an ill, injured or unconscious person, at the immediate scene of an accident or emergency that has caused the illness, injury or unconsciousness, is not liable for damages for injury to or death of that person caused by the person's act or omission in rendering the medical services or aid unless that person is grossly negligent.

Q) Are TASER® “PULSE and “BOLT" Legal for use?

A) TASER® “PULSE” and “BOLT" are completely Legal to carry in the United States except in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia. Additional cities, counties, and countries might have other restrictions on the use or possession of TASER® ECD's so check all applicable laws and regulations carefully. A background check will be done at the time of purchase so the TASER® Device can be activated.

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